York Stories Launch at The Press

Posted on 28 March 2012 | Narrative

Well, we finally got there. I jumped off the train and skipped along to the press launch.

I saw Dave Fleming heading towards Marks and Spencers, keen to get his coffee and croissant. We chatted as we walked along and about how excited we both were.

Dave set up the projector and went through the website, just to check everything was OK. I met Steve Hughes editor of The Press, we had chatted by e-mail a couple of times, so felt I already knew him.

Steve moved a couple of chairs in anticipation of the crowd. Good to see the boss is hands on. Eventually the room filled up, BBC Radio York did a quick interview with me and Dave, and then we went straight into the presentation.

As usual, Dave was his enthusiastic self. He went through the website and then passed it over to me. I said a few words and simply endorsed the sentiments of Councillor Sonja Crisp and Dave. There was a feeling that this was an exciting project and that everyone should get behind it.

Steve made a good point at the end of the presentation in highlighting the additional role it can play in discussing or raising important issues that must be addressed. So, a story may be about the homeless or about the disadvantaged in York, perhaps a voice for social awareness and change.

So overall, a successful launch and an exciting time for York Stories.

- Kane Cunningham