York Mystery Plays 2012: Ron and Lyn Smith

Posted on 16 November 2012 | Audio, Narrative

Our grandchildren live in York we decided we would spend some time near our grandchildren as opposed to being 80 miles away in Chesterfield.

It really is a lovely city; we felt at home, I think, the day we moved up here. It’s just a nice place to be; there’s so much going on. You’ve got the historic York but you’ve also got the tourist bit, but then you’ve also got the quiet bits as well. The buses are fantastic, every ten minutes from where we live, into York and back again. (Except on race days!) So it’s so easy to get in and out of York, and being pensioners with a free bus pass, it’s super just to get the bus and get into York- the car has never been in York!

By going to the local church and getting involved in all the different activities and meeting new people there, who themselves were doing different activities, we’ve  joined various circles; wine clubs for example, which then gives you more people to be with. My wife’s an angel for this production; we’re here tonight to see how rehearsals are going. Again, it’s another place for us to go and meet new people and see new things.

We’re members of the Theatre Royal so we get invited to their special events. It keeps you busy; the older you get, you do need a focus to do something else instead of sitting and vegetate in front of the telly.