York Mystery Plays 2012: Liz

Posted on 14 November 2012 | Audio, Narrative

I’m Liz. I’ve been here since ’86. I’m very involved in lots of activities in York, that’s really what keeps me here.

I guide in the Minster, I sing with the university choir, I’ve been in the mystery plays a few times. I love the history basically, I suppose. I’ve not lived in a city before, so I can’t really compare it because I’ve lived in villages, but I think if you get involved in activities, then yes, there is a community. York is a little bit like a big village, because a lot of people have lived here a long time, and so there is that sense of permanence rather than people coming and going.

I’ve done it twice before, I did it when it was in the Minster, and I did it the first time it was in the theatre. I always wanted to do it in the Museum Gardens, because a long long time before I came to York it was one of the main things I knew about York; the internationally known mystery plays that are very well known. So I was very disappointed when it wasn’t in the Museum Gardens, but experiencing the theatre was different, it was very taxing; it was quite difficult because it’s such a small space.

The Minster was a terrific experience; wonderful with the staging going right up to the clear storey and all that. This is very different because there’s so many people involved, so almost every time you come, you’re seeing new people. Whereas before when you’ve only got one cast, you tend to get to know people very quickly and maybe there’s more cohesion, but I’m sure that comes eventually.

We spend several weeks with the carpenters, and we’re the potters; and now the carpenters have gone and it’s just the potters, and you’ve got the blues coming and then you’ve got the greens coming and the reds coming, and suddenly you’ve got all sorts of people that you’ve never seen before! And so it goes on, but it’s very exciting.