York in Poetry: Borders

Posted on 24 November 2012 | Audio, Poem

They’re shutting our shops in the High Streets
Through losses and lack of new orders
But saddest to date I have to relate
Was the closure of Davygate Borders.

I used to pop in and delve through the shelves
Then leisurely lounge in the chairs,
Pick a novel or three to accompany tea
Which you read in the Starbucks upstairs.

I’ve done Bernard Cornwell and Bryson, of course,
And masters of socialist thought;
And with an espresso, I’ve gazed at Picasso –
Come to think of it – none that I’ve bought.

It was then at long last that I realised fast
It was true so undeniably;
It was blindingly obvious why it went bust
It wasn’t a shop – more a library.

- John Coopey