York in Poetry: Betty's

Posted on 24 November 2012 | Audio, Poem

As around this world I’ve been many wonders I have seen
From the Sphinx to elusive Nepal yetties;
But the nicest find by far – a little Northern star
Is a café found in York, name of Betty’s.

It’s known to quite a few (don’t be put off by the queue)
But enjoy it to anticipate the treat;
I strongly advocate that you’ll find it’s worth the wait;
The service you receive you just can’t beat.

When you make it through the door ask for “Table, please, for four”
And crack the old joke then, “With preferably, four chairs”
Graze the menu at your leisure, next select your chosen pleasure,
As the ambience will wash away your cares.

If it’s early in the day you might opt for the Earl Grey
Or Darjeeling p’raps is your exotic pick
Or maybe if you’d rather something stronger – try the Java;
But be warned – the caffeine gives you quite a kick.

You might indulge still further (while it’s naughty, it’s not murder!)
The cream teas are renowned and so divine
I prefer to risk it with a sexy “foreign” biscuit –
A Medici or a nutty Florentine.

The atmosphere there tends to impress your ladyfriends
I took my wife there many years ago
You should be made aware if you take your girlfriend there
There’s consequences that you ought to know!

You can taste the worlds’ delights from the Himalayan Heights
To the grassland plains of the Serengeti
But when you’ve thought it through (and I maintain this, too)
I’ll bet you’ll find nowt better than our Betty’s.

- John Coopey