York’s ‘Bayer’ Tapestry: Special Relationships

Posted on 28 May 2014

YS349 20112012York Bayer Tapestry 76 PIC

The Wroe-Browns meet at York on 4th October 1982 when Kathy was starting her PGCE and Robin his Archaeology degree at Langwith College, University of York.

In Robin’s second and third years he shared a college house, 2 Blakeney Place with fellow students, Kerry, Little Kaz, Bry, Kaz and Sparky.  The number on the door was written in flowery writing Teeto and they read it as Teelo.  Throughout sharing the house they acted as the family Teelo and shared family outings including climbing York Minster.  House memorabilia included a very tasteless “crapping cow calendar” in the downstairs loo.  I have included Miss May.

The Teelos have always shared their subsequent family landmarks together and meet for reunions.  Now nearly 30 years on they are seeing the Teelo grandchildren heading off to university themselves.  York means “happy Times making lasting and special relationships” to them all.

We would like this board to be dedicated to Kerry Ayre whose life was cut short by a brain tumour on June 1st 2009.

Kathryn Wroe-Brown