York’s ‘Bayer’ Tapestry: Alchemy at the University

Posted on 28 May 2014

YS345 20112012York Bayer Tapestry 74 PIC

Despite having lived within 10 miles of York city centre for most of my adult life, it’s the University that has actually made this happen, so obviously this subject for this ‘tapestry’!

My days studying chemistry were long and arduous – many hours in the labs when those studying ‘softer’ subjects were in Langwith college bar or sunbathing by the lake! (I still have occasions where I touch my face fearing I’m not wearing my safety/labspecs and will be told off by the demonstrators.) Central Hall also features as I saw some good groups of this time in concert there: ‘Steelie Span’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’ (first time round!) plus my graduation ceremony was there.

The wildfowl were always pooing on the footpaths (and could not be left out)! The Canada Geese were the worst offenders!

Despite not particularly enjoying my university days, they gave me the ability to go on to enjoy teaching the subject.  Though back problems meant that came to an end and I went on to edit and write for ‘Chemistry Review’ magazine, still produced in the department.

The Chemistry enabled me to assist my daughter with her ‘A’ level chemistry – she is now a doctor and I am currently helping my son start his GCSE!  Plus I met my husband there and we have great chemistry!

Oh – and the geese are still prolific ‘pooers’

Gill Wroe