Woolnough House: Margery (2)

Posted on 01 October 2012 | Narrative

Our class went to Woolnough House. I interviewed Margery; I found some information from her about when she was younger.

Woolnough House: Margery (2)

Margery had a bike, but she preferred to walk; she went on long bike rides and she enjoyed them a lot.

Margery didn’t learn to drive because she didn’t want to, and she thinks compared from when she was younger, the traffic now a day is terrible because it is a lot busier. The cars when she was younger were not that fast.

Most people got around by walking or cycling, but Margery preferred to walk because on her bike Margery’s Dad had to run behind her.

I enjoyed talking to Margery and I want to meet her again. Margery was really nice and she is a good friend.

Woolnough House: Margery (2)