Woolnough House: Margery (1)

Posted on 01 October 2012 | Narrative

Woolnough House: Margery (1)

Were you married? If so, how did you meet your husband?

“Yes, I was married twice. I met my first husband when he was in the army; he died when he was 42. I met my second husband on the bus and he died at the age of 70.”

Did you have children? How old are they now? What are their names?

Margery had two children. One is called James and he is seventy now. The other was called Robert and he died at the age of 28 (He would be 68 if he was alive.)

What was your house like? Did you have central heating? Did you have an inside toilet?

“I had a concrete house. I did not have central heating I kept warm from a coal fire. I had an inside toilet.”

How did you spend your time as a family?

“We went on lots of bike rides and sometimes walks.”

How often do you see people from your family these days? When was the last time you saw someone from your family?

She sees her only son two times a week. The last time she saw her son was a few days before.