Woolnough House: Janet (1)

Posted on 01 October 2012 | Narrative

by A. Callaghan and N. Robinson

Woolnough House: Janet

Janet is a resident of Woolnough House. She is kind, funny and loves music, we asked her about when she was younger.

We asked her what sort of transport there was and she replied, “Tractors, trains and cars.” Janet had a three wheeled bike, two wheels at the back one at the front, and it was multi-coloured. She also had a tractor that she had learnt to drive.

She lived on a farm so she had lots of animals like pigs, cows and chickens. She also had a big brown horse which she used as another mean of transport. She rode her horse to get the newspaper. On the farm her job was to feed the animals and lots more, she really liked living on a farm she said it was lovely.

We asked her if she had been on a motor bike she told us she had once ridden on one. They didn’t have a car so she rode her bike instead. Around where she lived there wasn’t much traffic either.

Janet has always wanted to go on a train but has only seen one go by. She said some of the trains were huge and came in all different colours.

The school she went to was Thornton le Dale. At school she enjoyed art and playing skipping, however she didn’t like her teacher or homework! She also played the drums. Janet would love to have a big, green drum of her own!