Woolnough House: Betty and Joyce (2)

Posted on 01 October 2012 | Narrative

This interview sees Betty and Joyce talking about school and work.

Woolnough House: Betty and Joyce (2)


Did you wear a school uniform?

Betty said, “I wore a navy blue jumper and a tie.”


What school did you go to?

Betty said, “I went to Park Grove and Queen Anne’s.”

Joyce said she went to St. John’s School for Girls.


Did you like your school?

Betty liked her school and her friends.


What lesson did you enjoy most/least?

Betty’s favourite lesson was art.

Joyce’s worst lesson was playtime! She liked maths and playing the piano.


What did you do at playtime?

Betty played netball and football at play times.


What did you have for lunch ? Did you bring it to school or did the school make your lunch?

Joyce’s Dad picked her up from school and took her home for lunch.

Betty used to take sandwiches in a green tin and on cold days the school heated up Heinz baked beans.



Which job did to work at?

Joyce worked at a big London insurance company.


Do you miss work ?

Joyce did miss her work.

Betty didn’t miss her work.


How did you feel when you retired?

Joyce didn’t retire.


Is it nice not to have to worry about work anymore?

Betty said it is nice not to have to worry about work.


What were the worst bits about your work?

“Collecting taxes!”, said Betty.


What were the best bits?

Joyce said the best bit was travelling.

Betty’s best bit was meeting people and going to different areas.