Woolnough House: Betty and Joyce (1)

Posted on 01 October 2012 | Narrative

by Eleanor, Lilly and Ellie

Woolnough House: Betty and Joyce (1)

We asked Betty and Joyce (two lovely ladies) about their work.

We asked Joyce what transport she used to get to work. Joyce said she got there by train. Joyce said people hung onto the outside of train doors if they were late for the train.

We also asked Betty and Joyce what their job was. Joyce worked at a big London insurance company and it was very crowded. Betty worked in a school office in London and she really liked it. Joyce did miss her work when she stopped working yet Betty didn’t.

Betty said it is nice not to have to worry about work anymore. She also said it must be worrying when you don’t have a job.

Joyce said her best bit about her work was travelling and organizing people! Betty said she liked meeting people and going to different areas.

Although Joyce liked organizing people, she said it was difficult because you had to do it right. Betty and Joyce are very friendly and our good friends. We loved meeting them and they are lovely.