Transitions Project: York Old and New, Lakeside School

Posted on 11 May 2012 | Poem

Transitions Project: York Old and New, Lakeside School

Also taking part in the Transitions schools project are Lakeside Primary School, who have contributed the following poem on the theme of the city’s historic and modern aspects.

York old and new has lots to see, for all the family, you and me.
York Minster is so very tall, when you get to the top DON’T FALL.
If you climb up old Clifford’s Tower, it may take you a full hour.

York Dungeon is very, very creepy, I once saw a girl who was so weepy.
In the art gallery there are pictures to see, try to remember to look for me!
At Betty’s you get real nice, tea, biscuits, cake and great coffee!

York Dungeon I’m told has a cauldron, where they might boil up naughty children.
If you go out to York horse races, I hope that you will tie your laces.
Visit York, you’ll love it here, with plenty of ghosts you mustn’t fear!!