Transitions Project: Poetry by Clifton Green Primary School (2)

Posted on 11 May 2012 | Poem

Poetry by Clifton Green Primary School (2)

This poem, composed by pupils at Clifton Green Primary School, is dedicated to one of York’s most iconic structures.

Now look towards my ‘Clifford’s Tower’; for sure it’s big and grand,
Its story has been told throughout the land.
Clifford’s Tower is named after a man –
He was mean, he was bad, and he had a plan!

This man was cruel to everyone –
But now I’m glad for he has gone.
‘cos Roger de Clifford he was hanged,
The chains he was put in – oh, how they clanged!

These days, what I like about it now,
Are the daffodils that in the breeze take a bow.
That great green hill still holds it up,
Looking simply like a giant upside down cup.

In some ways I feel like I have more power,
Supported by my own ‘Clifford’s Tower’
Sometimes I only have to look at it,
For my eyes to water, just a little bit.