The lost pride and the bike

Posted on 07 February 2013 | Narrative

Norman Rowley has sent us a few more personal memories of growing in up York; here’s the first of two we’re bringing you this week.

“I used to have a flutter at the Local Betting Shop in Green Lane, York. I was thrilled to win £50 when I backed Kilmore, ridden by Fred Winter, to win the Grand National in 1962.

Not wanting to lose the money, I bought a brand new green ten-speed Raleigh Bicycle. I thought I was the bees knees riding my bike around Acomb.

Two weeks later I parked the Raleigh outside the Bookies and when I came out it was nowhere to be seen. It has been stolen and I never saw it again. I should have locked it with a chain yet in those days I thought I could trust my fellow man.”

“What thou winnest you have taken away”