Storysaurus: Why have apples when you can have pears, why do dogs chase cats and other things that children ask

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
Storysaurus: Hello!

Katy sat quietly in the corner of the library. She wasn’t reading and she wasn’t drawing, she was just sitting thinking.

Suddenly, she jumped to her feet. “Why,” she said, “Why does it always rain on Sundays? Why have apples when you can have pears?… And why do dogs chase cats?”

Katy’s mum was a little surprised but she quickly recovered. “Well,” she said, smiling, “You’re in the right place to find answers to all your questions. Let’s ask the lady which book we need.”

“Try ‘Reference’”, the librarian advised, “We have some lovely encyclopaedias. You’ll find all the knowledge in the world in an encyclopaedia.”

Katy smiled and went to the bookshelves where she chose a large red book. This is the one she said and read out the title to her mum: “The Big Red Book of Everything a Child has Wondered (Volume One)”.

Mummy laughed, “We could be here for some time! Let’s get a cup of tea.”

Story created by the lovely young people on the Storysaurus workshop, August 2012