Storysaurus: Why did the Vikings stay in York?

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
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Many people think that York was once a Roman city and then the Vikings raided and settled in York. However, they are all wrong.

York has always been full of Yorkshire folk, decent people who like a decent cup of tea and a fat rascal, know the value of a penny and how to make visitors welcome.

Long ago when everybody was young, a boat full of Vikings sailed up the Ouse on a lovely sunny day; as you know, York always looks its best in the sunshine. “What a pretty city,” they said and set off to explore.

They had a walk in the museum gardens and fed the squirrels, then as all visitors to York do they set off down Stonegate for a cup of tea at Betty’s. That is where the idea struck them. TEA! In a place where everybody drinks so much tea there would be a need for somebody to make tea cups at a fair price.

That somebody could be them, so the Vikings set up shop in Coppergate where they made and sold cups at a decent price to decent folks who liked a decent cup of tea and who understood the value of a penny.

Story created by the lovely young people on the Storysaurus workshop, August 2012.