Storysaurus: Our first story

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
Storysaurus: Hello!

There was once a princess, who died!

She had simply eaten too much cake. A brave knight came riding by and, seeing that she had died, he decided that she should be fed to the terrible dragon so that the dragon wouldn’t eat anybody else. So he rode off to find the dragon to tell him of his awaiting feast.

The dragon was sceptical of this, thinking that he was being lured into a trap, but he followed the knight as he found princesses to be the tastiest of feasts. However when they arrived there they found that the princess had disappeared and all that remained was a half eaten cake.

“Ah well”, exclaimed the knight, “at least there’s still cake!” The dragon, unimpressed, ate the knight. However, the dragon hadn’t realised that knights protected themselves by wearing poisonous armour.

Meanwhile, hiding in a corner, another knight had removed the princess’ body with the hope of giving her a dignified cremation. Unsure of how to build a big enough fire (she had, after all, eaten rather a lot of cake) he had hidden when he heard the knight and dragon approaching.

As he watched the dragon dying from the poisoned armour he took shelter behind the princess’ body. The dragon collapsed and with his dying breath let out a ball of fire which cremated the princess on the spot. “Perfect,” thought the surviving knight, and he went on his way.

A story created as a collective effort by ten York children with eager imaginations!