Storysaurus: My friends

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
Storysaurus: Hello!

I like stories of all kinds, especially the everyday stories we tell each other.

Did you know Kaitlyn and Charlotte went to see “Food Fight” at the cinema? They chose the Reel cinema and had to catch the number 10 bus to get there. The bus driver was a nice man! After the picnic they sat on the City walls and had a picnic but managed to resist the temptation to have a food fight of their own (perhaps just as well for the people below them). I didn’t find out if this was for a special occasion but there is one coming up soon…..Kaitlyn is having a party! A joint one! With her boyfriend Rueben! At the old playgroup! I’m not sure everyone is invited.

Meanwhile we learned that Matilda likes dippy eggs. I think that means runny eggs that you dip toast into rather than daft eggs, but then she didn’t expand on this, she’s only two.

Imogen and Amelia had been to the balloon tree. I would like to think that this is a tree that grows balloons, but all they could find was fruit to pick. They picked Stawberries and Raspberries and proudly showed off their wounds – scratches from the plants. They also had suspiciously red mouths, despite the signs asking them to not eat the fruit!

Meanwhile, apparently, Sophie had been scared at the Minster by seeing Storysaurus. She had to comfort herself by going to the chemist to buy sweets. The chemist on Poppleton Road sells bags of sweets. Which are the best? The 40p and 50p bags of course; they have the most sweets in them. What is it about chemists and sweets? Richard remembers them as the only place to get whistle lollies while Sue always went to the chemist for her energy sweets.

Robin collected some fine stories from home; there was the time his Mum posted a triangle of cheese through the letterbox of an unnamed business. The business subsequently went bust! So businesses of York be warned, should you ever receive a triangle of cheese in the post! He also shared his Dad’s belief that the world was in fact created from the cough of a spaghetti monster and that this monster keeps us all held down onto earth with his invisible arms. Bang goes another theory.

Thanks to all my story catchers and story makers for these and all the other stories that we shared.