Storysaurus: Hello!

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
Storysaurus: Hello!

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Storysaurus, the mascot for York Stories 2012.

I started out as just a picture, until a wonderful group of children helped to create me and bring me to life. I hope to collect some of my favourite stories; both real and made up, captured and created by the young people of York. I will also share the stories that I heard during my workshops in August about the young people that took part.

So, who am I? Well, you may well think that I am a dinosaur but don’t be deceived. The fact that I can breathe fire may suggest otherwise!

I lived hundreds of years ago but then suddenly, 800 years ago to the day, I fell asleep! This year I finally awoke and have found York to be a very different place……there are buildings everywhere. I remember when it was all fields.

After an 800 year sleep I felt rather hungry, as you can imagine. There are two things that I feast on; stories and sausage rolls (though not cold sausage rolls – that’s just wrong!).

In seek of these things to eat I headed into York, but got lost. The brave children at York Explore tried to go on a hunt to find me, but unfortunately I had already gone (I went onto the roof and escaped in a hot air balloon one day and fell down a mysterious hole the next). All they found was a storybook I appeared in.

Please feel free to read their stories (the ones I haven’t eaten yet) and to maybe add your own?