Storysaurus: Finding love

Posted on 02 November 2012 | Narrative
Storysaurus: Hello!

In the depths of York Explore, among the many shelves, a curious Storysaurus emerged from a hole and decided to go and explore York.

He visited York Minster and the Clifford’s Tower where, at the foot of the mound, he met the lovely Ladysaurus. He felt the urge to buy her flowers and asked whether she would like to go for a hot chocolate. They went to York Cocoa House (the finest Hot Chocolate apparently) and while they were sitting enjoying their drink, they saw the Olympic Torch passing by. How romantic!

However, they realised that they hadn’t actually got around to visiting Clifford’s Tower so they then climbed the many steps up to the top. Finding this rather easy, Storysaurus decided to show off by climbing up Mount Everest (the obvious next step!).

At the top he came across Scarysaurus and they were about to fight when the evil Scarysaurus was suddenly turned into an owl. “Phew” thought Storysaurus, “perhaps great heights aren’t for me afterall.”

Ladysaurus was less than impressed, insisting that she would rather go on an easy day trip from York. So the next day the happy couple went to the seaside where they enjoyed a lovely Ice Cream.

Story created by the lovely young people on the Storysaurus workshop, August 2012.