Old enough to know better, young enough not to care

Posted on 18 July 2012 | Narrative

As part of the York Stories 2012 project, workshops have been taking place to help the city’s residents find the paths of their tale and follow it through to completion. Here, one of the session leaders, Mary Passeri, has her story on how it went for her.

“I had the opportunity to host a story sharing session at York Explore to collect stories about the York Blitz.

Assured that ‘every thing had been sorted’ and that I was expected I rolled up in full costume; old fashioned nightie and dressing gown bed socks rollers and knotted headscarf (you can stop laughing now) and a big bag with a teapot poking out the top; walked up to the desk.

Never has a librarian looked so nervous; she was very happy to have a wide desk between her and me.  From a safe distance behind me, a very polite voice enquired if ‘every thing was alright’. Anyway, things were soon sorted out and Janet organised a table for me in the main room.

I managed to publicise York Stories 2012 and collect a couple of very nice stories from a very talkative lady, and some cute drawings by a little girl called Lucy who told me about her grand-dad Harry who was a ‘fireguard’ – I think she meant fire warden.”
We hope to share some of the stories Mary has gathered for us on our website soon.