Nell's Story: Work

Posted on 02 August 2012 | Narrative

In the second part of her York Story, Nell looks back at her first job at one of our city’s iconic workplaces.

“1939: First job I ever did – I worked at Rowntree’s packing Smarties.

There was a huge canvas bag full of Smarties – you had had a box of empty tubes on your left hand side, you took a tube out and took the top off, then you scooped it full, and replaced the cap with your right hand, and put the tubes into another box until it was full.

I worked 44 hours a week, and got 11 shillings and three pence. I have my mum 10 shillings, and kept 1 shilling 3d for myself. It was very boring. You weren’t allowed to talk. If you did well, you got a bonus.”