My York

Posted on 19 July 2012 | Narrative

Let us explore our city through the words of Serena Rudge

“My York is a collection of moments, a string of snapshots that aren’t a story to anyone else, only me.

The happiness when I finally discovered the entrance to the Perky Peacock; the cherry blossom on the trees below the city walls; the comfort that the station lights bring to a rainy evening; buying sandwiches from Mr £andwich and eating them in the museum gardens; spending too much money at the international food festival because it was impossible to choose between all the different salamis.

After eight months at the university and still only knowing York at night, I made myself a map, like the treasure maps I drew as a child, and explored the city, finally figuring out how the roads connected. As I rounded a corner, the Minster came into view and the sun came out, and I realised how lucky I was to be in such a beautiful place.

Someone once told me to always look up at buildings, at the architecture above the shop fronts, and that hasn’t applied anywhere more than in York; I’m convinced some of the overhanging first floors are ready to collapse into the streets.

I used to think (and sometimes still do) that the height of sophistication was sipping coffee in a café tucked away in an alley, and that if I did that often enough I would be a ‘grown up’. Where better to become a grown up in that sense than York? I wish I could afford to make the most of the city: it’s become a home from home, beautiful, accessible, inspirational. It must be special: I can walk halfway across the city in the rain without an umbrella, and still be happy.”