Janet's Story

Posted on 05 September 2012 | Narrative

I was courting. Den and I started courting when I was 18, in 1958. I was working at Terry’s.

I belonged to a Rowntree’s sort of dancing club. You’d put your name down. I went with my friend Sylvia, who lived next door. A married couple called Bernie and Eddy got a formation jiving team going.

We got costumes; my friend’s mother made them for us: checked skirts, short white sleeved blouses, ballerina shoes, and white socks. We were all girls; the fellas wouldn’t go in it. We had a show at the Assembly Rooms, and also went round a couple of villages. We danced to records.

Then we did the pantomime, “Robinson Crusoe”, and I was one of the “natives”. I was blacked up top to bottom with smelly brown mud stuff, wearing a grass skirt and fancy bikini top, and holding a spear.

Den came to see me and when I saw him I lost my place in the show – I was coming up as they were going down, and vice versa.