Illuminating York Poetry: Wonderland

Posted on 17 January 2013 | Poem

It’s like this: breath sketches patterns,

drawing round the winter moon

as we huddle beneath bright giants

crawling across the empty museum.

Roll up! Roll up! See the smiling bear,

the monkey in the hat with the serious stare,

the wide-eyed squirrel thrusting his nut

where the twinkle-eyed artist shakes his butt.

Wine-warmed cheeks glow bright

as dancers throw shapes across the wall,

and we are all silhouettes, leaving

perfect outlines stamped on trees and towers.

See Mrs Mills on her purple horse,

the cheeky singer, all winks and sauce,

the strongman wrestling the elephant seal

and the elephant modelling blue chenille.

And towards the river, ropes of light

uncoil through mist as butterfly bicycles

change colour like a bear’s eyes,

bearing children high over Wonderland.
- Oz Hardwick