Illuminating York Poetry: Floodlight

Posted on 17 January 2013 | Poem

The big screen of the Yorkshire Museum.

Singing, singing, buttercups and daisies.

The constant refrain, and the rain

like little bulbs of squirted light

precipitating into this wonderland

the paths so bright with lamps

singing, singing, buttercups and daisies.

Only a month or so ago

this would’ve been truly sub-aqua

this bright-lit low path by the river

flooded with murk and danger

brimful of such a muddy dark.

Now it is filled with light and

singing and buttercups and daisies.

But, Vic, what exactly is this song?

as your words explode into fractures

and the splintered crowd wander

(singing, singing), from one sea

of light refreshments to the next?

Is this some citadel? – Eboracum en-fete?

Pushing out the darkness of uncertainty?

Yes!  We will project it away! -

capture ourselves dancing,

cascading into this shower of pixelated light,

split particles of some great whole.

Yes.  Together we are lightness itself.
- Andrew Brown