From Malta to York

Posted on 22 August 2013 | Narrative

“My name is Paul Weightman, I am 57 years old. I was born in Malta in May 1955.

Born into an Army family, I lived in Malta with my parents until 1959. We then moved to Grays in Essex. In 1961, we moved to Catterick Camp, where my father finished his army service. In 1962, we then moved to Bridlington. 1962 to 1972, I grew up and went to school in Bridlington.

In April 1972, I joined the British Army (The Royal Horse Guards) after 17 years of service; I remained living in Windsor, Berkshire, until 2007. Throughout those years living away from Yorkshire, I frequently returned to Bridlington, and always came through to York.

Throughout those years, I saw changes being made to York, like any other town or city in this country. The one great aspect that has always remained in my mind is just how beautiful the City of York is. I have visited towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom, and Europe. Many have a great deal of historical interest attached to them, but York must rank in the Top 10 historical cities in the world.

In 2007, I decided to move back to Yorkshire. Now living in Easingwold, and within easy reach of York, this great city has been the inspiration for two of my murder mystery novels that are about to be published and go on sale.

York has so much to offer everyone, and lends itself as a fantastic backdrop from Artists and writers alike. Although I live in Easingwold, I still love to soak up everything that York has to offer, and I am sure that York will continue to excite and surprise me for decades to come.”