Ebor Vox

Posted on 16 January 2013 | Audio

As part of the York 800 celebrations, York hosted a large scale choral project, Ebor Vox.

It saw hundreds of singers and performers gathering to form a community choir.  During York’s Charter Weekend in early July, they sung a specially-written song, composed by Benjamin Till and based on lyrics by the winners of a city-wide poetry competition.

The following film tells the story of how Ebor Vox came to be, how it went on the night and the legacy they feel the project leaves for York.

To view the film in full screen, hover your mouse or tracker pad over the bottom of the video, and when the black bar appears, click on the outward arrows button beside the Vimeo logo.

To download a copy of the film to your computer, click on the Vimeo logo in the black bar (which takes you to the website where the film is hosted) and scroll down the page.  You will see a grey bar with buttons slightly below the video window with a “Download” button on the farthest right.  Click on this button, and then click on the “.MP4 file” link to begin downloading the file.

Once the file has downloaded onto your computer, you should be able to click on the file to start playing it.

Please be aware that as the film is 18 minutes long, downloading the file may take a long period of time depending on the speed of your Internet connection.