During the war

Posted on 06 August 2012 | Narrative

Eileen has sent us an action-packed story about her experiences during war-time. “My father was a fire fighter during the war. I was only 5, and I was coming home from school with my sister, and we stood watching a Spitfire and a German plane having a dog-fight in the sky, chasing each other around. My brother grabbed hold of us and brought us home.

We lived opposite a big pub. One morning we got up and there was a great big bomb in the front yard. My dad had to stand guard, and keep the kids away. Later on we found out that it was a dummy bomb.

I also remember an aeroplane coming down and landing in Ayley’s Terrace, near Rowntree’s. The pilot was Polish, flying for England, and lost his way to the airfield. He landed the plane safely. It was only just feet in the street between the houses.

Everyone was given blackout curtains, which we were supposed to put up, but some houses still put lights on without blackout curtains when they shouldn’t have.

My two brothers, aged around 13/14, were both crack-shots with catapults. They would go round the back of the houses, and if they saw a light on, they would fire a stone through the window, (breaking the window), and break the light bulbs, putting the lights out that way! They loved it! They were up to mischief, without getting into trouble!”