Bike Story: My First Big Sky Ride

Posted on 27 June 2014

Bike Story - My First Big Sky Ride

On the day we went on the ride, it was sunny and warm, yet at times it was raining badly.

The bike I had was small, pink and also, equipped with NO gears!! I was only six years old, so I probably would have forgotten to use them any way! Before we started off on the exiting bike ride, mum told me that we would be going through a place that was near my grandma’s work. She explained that if I got too tired, then she could call her to take me back to her house, till mum was finished. I moaned “no!” at her defiantly and she chuckled to me “Alright, alright!! You can do the whole ride!”
We’d jostled our way to a little space in the hustle and bustle of peculiar but fascinating bikes and set off! All the roads round about that area were shut off just for us!! I felt with pride as we rang our different sounding bells that I was a very important. I AM NOT though!!
Rows and rows of people smiled and waved from their open doors. At the end of the ride I was still correct and present!! I was sooooooooooo proud of myself!


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