Bike Story: Learning to Ride

Posted on 27 June 2014

Bike Story - Learning to Ride

My brothers first started to teach me how to ride a bike when I was small.

Firstly my brothers started off pushing me on the bike then letting go, but the first problem was that I stopped peddling after a bit and the second problem was that I turned too quickly and lost my balance, but after I got those sorted I was fine. Next they started teaching me to go further and faster on the beach and at first I found it hard and kept on falling off and hurting myself but just as I was going to give up I tried once more and this time I did it.

As I gained speed I felt a real accomplishment in the fact that I’d learnt how to ride a bike and that soon I would be able to go faster and faster and not fall off and hurt myself and this summer I’m going to do my cycling proficiency.


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