Bike Story: Into the Dales

Posted on 27 June 2014

Bike Story - Into the Dales

I cycled from Keighley to Malham in the rain. It was a steady drizzly rain that soaked into everything. I got to Malham and camped beneath Malham Cove. I was soaked to the skin. My tent was orange and tiny – like a flimsy coffin. I crawled into it as the rain began to really lash down.

For two days I was mostly trapped in the tent. The orange light inside was not good for my sanity. Eventually I crawled out and climbed onto my bike and cycled over the hill to Settle where I sat in the Naked Man cafe drinking hot tea and eating toasted tea cakes. Then I cycled back to Keighley in the rain. What fun I had.


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