Arts Development UK Conference 2012 - Poetry (2)

Posted on 21 November 2012 | Poem

Stay quiet!
I have a small but beautiful sound
Can you hear me?
Are you feeling a sense of peace?
Am I making you sleepy?
- Katherine

Art is challenging
Art is reassuring
Art is inspiring
Art is sharing
Art is personal
Art is for me and for you and for us all
Art is all places and cultures
- Jo Askham

The Courthouse
The Courthouse
Oh what house of craft and art and fun
For twenty years they’ve been making it as happy as shining sun.
In days of old, when men were bold
They received their judgements true
But now these days it’s full of praise
For ones like me and you

Stop looking at the roof … look at me
Say the quilts.
You’re not here to look at the beams
If you hadn’t come to look at me
You wouldn’t know they were there.
But they are amazing.
So are we say the quilts.
We are art, like a wonderful painting or sculpture or dress
But if I took you home where would I put you
On my bed.
- Nathan

Read into me
Analyse me
Enter me
If you dare
I’ll tell you things about yourself
Make you uncomfortable
But you will appreciate me
None the less
- Nathan

I am a church
Yes, you are still a church
- Nathan

 Are you art?
Tell me how you were made?
Tell me who made you?
Explain why you are clever?
Then I’ll call you art
… maybe
- Nathan

Hey you. You down there
Can you not see me
I’m up here, above your head
Alongside my brothers
Shapely, glowing, hanging heavily
I’m quiet
You’re not
I belong here
You do not
Please respect my space
More quickly. Peace will return.
- Heather

Glasses of bells
Lifting the spirits
The angels shore
Is here
With no strings attached

Big blue beetle on display
Girl – I saw her standing there
And I love her
Hello – goodbye!
And I believe
It was all sewn up!
- Ian Tempert

The Hepworth Gallery Wakefield
Open light airy spaces
Daylight landing curves
To sculptures free-formed
From marble wood and plaster
Some cast in bronze
Through the windows the River Calder
A calm mirror-like surface
On the upper level which then
Cascades with frenzy down
Through a weir into a lower level
Creating foam and leaving a debris
Of life’s detritus at the river’s edge
- Christine Willison

Shaking through the narrow, steep streets, the “winged figure” winds. Squeezing past the butchers, greengrocers and fishermen hauling in their catch. Rolling along like a modernist Stonehenge. The sculpture begins its journey from St Lue’s to its final site: the wild plains of Oxford street, passed by, by passers by, Hepworths sculpture presides.

It’s a whitewash
The white horse
Is not the right horse
It’s a yellow horse
Going, going, gone
Arty party
First at Thirsk
Rural arts
Rural arts
Doing, doing, done

Ode to a Pod
I am standing here in the landscape
Everyone says how cool I am,
How interesting and innovative,
And yes, I’m round, and floating in water
I’m filled with cushions and computers
But really, I’m just a fancy garden shed, with a view
- Marion Catlin