A strange encounter

Posted on 23 July 2012 | Narrative

Annelies Lawson remembers an extraordinary personal experience at an early hour.

“Being a university student means that your sleep timetable is naturally messed up. And having to get up at the crack of dawn to walk into York for a “walking lecture” around the city doesn’t help.

Nonetheless, I wrenched myself from my bed, bleary eyed and bad tempered. Leaving my accommodation, I found myself enveloped in a thick, dewy fog, which felt very atmospheric as I approached the fields I had to cross on my way in. It is a testimony to the infinite variety of university life that at this fairly ordinary moment, trudging across this misty field, that I should encounter something which truly made me do a double-take.

As I advanced, there emerged from out of the haze an outline (extraordinary in itself at such an early hour on student grounds) of a tall, red haired man moving in my direction. What was truly baffling about this was that on this frost-bitten winter morning, this man was wearing a Kilt, knee high socks and an open shirt- a Scott in York. He barely seemed to acknowledge me as I walked past. He continued in the opposite direction and disappeared into the gloom.

And I was left thinking, “Did I just have my first supernatural encounter?” and I continued on my way toward York, with not much to guide me except the faint and ghostly outline of the minster in the distance.