A real treat

Posted on 16 August 2012 | Narrative

Alice Horne shares her story about one of York’s iconic eating establishments.

“Since before I had even been to York, I had heard wonderful things of Betty’s: glorious descriptions of cakes and sandwiches on bright silver trays, unbelievable displays in the shop window, interminable queues just to get a seat.

But when I moved to York, I would always be on the outside looking in. The warm light shone out from the huge glass windows, I would envy the fortunate few eating dinner inside whilst I was out in the dark and cold.

I knew my first trip would have to be something a bit special (and, ideally, funded by someone else.) So, on my next birthday, my mum, sister and I braved the queue together and were finally seated on the other side of the glass! With the pianist playing, dainty sandwiches and delicious little cakes – it was just as I had expected!

As for now, I’ll have to be content with the window displays – until my next birthday, that is.”