A Change of Plan

Posted on 28 May 2012 | Narrative

Every year, thousands of students come to York to study at our two universities. Here, a student guides us through how their first impressions of a university campus proved to be different to what became their academic reality.

I was certain that I would never come back again. The concrete buildings looked even bleaker against a backdrop of grey skies and the falling rain.

After a long and stressful car journey I had finally made it to the University of York campus, but I was soon eager to return home. York was the first university I had visited; I was understandably daunted by the prospect of choosing where to spend the next three years.

A rushed visit meant little time to look round and that the city itself was left unvisited, with only a few guidebook pictures to give any clue as to the city’s beauty. Back home, I expressed my dislike for York and instead applied to study English Literature down in sunny Exeter.

However, after receiving my place to study there, doubts began to creep in and I soon decided I would prefer to take a gap year and re-apply for a politics degree. Amazingly I found a university which offered the perfect solution – joint English and Politics. The only problem was the university in question: York.

Deciding to take a trip back to the university I had so quickly dismissed, I made sure to visit York itself and couldn’t have been happier with what I saw. Wandering through the cobbled streets and along the rivers, I realised there was nowhere else I would rather be and that already York felt like home.

One year later and I still feel so lucky that I decided to come to York. I have loved my first year on campus and still relish exploring the city, which still fills me with the excitement of my initial visit. If I hadn’t decided to change my degree, I would not have been able to share my York story.